Who can sign up?

Any child or teen between the ages of 7 and 17.

How much does a Passport Cost?

Each Passport is $10. Each additional child in your household after the first will be $10.
We do have scholarships available if you have a financial hardship that would prevent your child from participating. You can also purchase Passports to Donate at $10 each!.

What if my Business wants to host or participate?

Please contact [email protected] for opportunities to host activities or to purchase Passports to be donated.

Will I need to stay with my child at the activity?

Yes, unless the instructor of the activity has clearly indicated it is okay to leave your child, you should plan on supervising and being present during the activities. It is expected that parents will assume full responsibility for their child while they are participating.

I work during the day and my kids go to daycare can they still participate?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact us and let us know they name of your daycare and we will coordinate as much as possible. Also activities will be offered at various times and on the weekend too.

What times and days can my kids sign up for activities?

Great question, Activities will be Available from 8am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. You can attend as many activities or workshops as you like during those times.

Is transportation provided to and from activities?

You will need to provide your own transportation to and from each activity.

This is a really cool idea, I'd like to volunteer to help get the word out.

Please contact us directly at [email protected] or 208-703-1811 to sign up for a street team.

How many activities can we sign up for?

You can sign up for as many activities as you would like. Please limit your sign ups to one time at each activity to make certain everyone has the opportunity to attend as many as possible.

Where do I purchase the Passport?

Currently passports are purchased on our website click the link to purchase now and you’ll be able to choose how many Passports you need.

When will I get my Passport?

Passports will be shipped as soon as they become available. We should have them in May.

What if we purchased a Passport but now are unable to attend activities, can we get a refund?

Please contact us directly regarding refunds. We will work with you on a case by case basis. Our goal is to make sure you have an outstanding experience with us! 208-870-2089 or [email protected]